Selected pictures from the CALL - CSC Conference on Youth Employment 24-26 March 2014

Breakfast meeting at the European Parliament
Co-hosted by Edit Bauer and Catherine Stihler, to launch our joint ecumenical initiative on the European Elections

Archbishop of the Evangelical - Lutheran Church of Finland Kari Mäkinen visits the office of the Church and Society Commission of CEC

© Jukka Keskitalo

Inauguration of the renovated Ecumenical Centre



The Finnish Ecumenical Council visits the Ecumenical Centre in Brussels
2 December 2013




Completion of the renovation works at the Ecumenical Centre - Brussels

His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, member of the Executive Committee of CSC, presents Rev Frank-Dieter Fischbach with an icon at the occasion of the completion of the renovation works at the Ecumenical Centre in Brussels Photo © CEC/CSC

Annual Meeting of Church and Society Secretaries of European Churches
20-22 November, Brussels

Metropolitan Athanasios of Achaïa - Representative of the Church of Greece to the European Union, Father Nektarios - Church of Cyprus Representation to the European Union

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Christians in Egypt
Hearing at the European Parliament - 13 November 2013

Senator Ehab El Kharrat, Dr Freddy Elbaiady Mag. Elizabeta Kitanovic, Dennis de Jong MEP
Participants at the Hearing in the European Parliament
Rev Dr Peter Pavlovic, Ms Susanne Herkommern, H.G. Bishop Porfyrios, Senator Ehab El Kharrat, Mag Elizabeta Kitanovic, Dr Freddy Elbaiady
Mr Dennis de Jong MEP, Senator Ehab El Kharrat, Mag. Elizabeta Kitanovic, Dr Freddy Elbaiady

Training on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights in the Euromediterranean Region - 30 October to 1st November 2013

Centro Diaconale La Noce, Parlemo - Italy


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Church Leaders meet Barroso - Brussels, 30 May 2013

Contibution by H.E. Metrepolitan Emmanuel of France - President of CEC
Putting citizens at the heart of Europe in times of change

© European Union 2013

© European Union 2013


Church and Society Commission Plenary Meeting
Brussels, 18 - 20 April 2013

The Members of the Church and Society Commission
H. G. Bishop Porfyrios
Dr. Peter Schreiner

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Sharing opportunities for churches and diaconia to shape the Europe 2020
strategy and its social objectives

10-11 April 2013

Ms. Veronica Lope Fontagné MEP - © CEC/CSC


Churches Together for Human Rights
7-8 March, Heskinki





The European Convention on Human Rights and the Churches
21-22 February 2013


50 Years of CSC50 Years of CSC

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