Updates on European Affairs - 2007

Update N° 13 - December 2007
Employment seminar, Reform Treaty, Charter of Fundamental Rights, December European Council, political priorities for 2008, CSC position paper on ageing,CSC report on agriculture, initiatives on the future of the single market, Bali climate change conference, intercultural dialogue.

Update N° 12 - November 2007
Attachment - CSC Report on Treaty Reform
Attachment - CSC Briefing on Climate Change
Attachment - CSC Briefing of Council of Europe "White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue"
Attachment - CSC Briefing on Intercultural Dialogue within the European Union

Update N° 11 - October 2007
Treaty reform, Third European Ecumenical Assembly, EU-level discussion on intercultural dialogue, human rights, revision of the Lisbon Strategy, migration.

Update N° 10 - September 2007
Treaty reform, flexicurity, state & church relations within the Council of Europe, Common European Asylum System, migration and development, upcoming CSC events.
Attachment - CSC Briefing paper “Flexicurity”: European Union’s programme to modernise labour law

Update N° 9 - June 2007
Treaty reform, future perspectives: Portuguese EU Presidency – social issues – Commission key initiatives for 2008, CSC Plenary Meeting, intercultural dialogue, EU-CoE cooperation.
Attachment - CSC/CCME response to the Council of Europe White Paper Consultation on Intercultural Dialogue
Attachment - CSC Report on the Treaty Reform

Update N° 8 - May 2007
Church leaders meet with the Presidents of the European institutions, CSC meets with one of the Founding Fathers, Constitutional debate, intercultural dialogue, first EU strategy on culture, transparency, framework decision on racism and xenophobia, trafficking in human beings.
Attachment - Updated Report on the Constitutional Debate
Feature Story - CSC meets with one of the Founding Fathers

Update N° 7 - April 2007
Constitutional debate, intercultural dialogue, London conference on values, religion and identity, the Council of Europe relations with churches, and churches address the challenges of the working life.
Attachment - CEC-CCME Briefing Paper - Council of Europe “White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue”.

Update N° 6 - March 2007
Berlin Declaration, constitutional debate, churches committed to human rights, energy and climate change, social dimension of the Lisbon Strategy, stock-taking in social realities, intercultural dialogue in the Council of Europe and the EU, migration.
Attachment - Report on the Constitutional Debate.

Update N° 5 - February 2007
Constitutional debate, Berlin Declaration, Energy & Environment, Employment & Social affairs, Health Services, EU Human Rights Agency and other news.

Update N° 4 - January 2007
Churches meet with the German Presidency, Constitutional process, integration capacity, Enlargement Strategy, intercultural dialogue, consultation on health services and other developments.