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 Updates on European Affairs - 2011


Update N° 38 - September 2011

European Commission sets priorities for higher education in Europe; CSC makes a
critical account of European co-operation in higher education (new Report); CSC writes to Baroness Ashton about the implementation of freedom of religion or belief; Churches meet with NATO officials to discuss nuclear weapons’ policy; Plans for ecumenical input to UN Climate Change Conference in Durban and for Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Developments; CSC promotes climate justice in WCC Assembly in 2013; the EU Danube Strategy offers a new framework for co-operation for churches in the region; new publications; CSC-Eurodiaconia seminar “Exploring Europe 2020”; CSC Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship, and other upcoming events.
Attachment: Report on the Future of European Higher Education

Update N° 37 - August 2011
Polish and Hungarian EU Presidencies; CSC Plenary 2011; June European Council: first European semester, Danube Strategy; Dialogue Seminar on Roma inclusion; Join the reflection about European Family Policy; 2nd CALL Assembly; Churches and the economic and financial crisis; Religious leaders meeting discusses democracy; Sunday protection; Transparency register; new publications; upcoming events.

Update N° 36 - April 2011
Churches urge NATO to reset its nuclear policy; Latin American and European churches issue a joint document; Transparency Register close to be launched; European economic (and financial) governance takes shape; EU's future action to fight poverty; EU budget 2014+; European leaders condemn violence against Christians; Strasbourg Court revisits the crucifix judgment; Charter of Fundamental Rights; Annual meeting of Fundamental Rights Platform; New publication on anti-discrimination law; Hungarian EU Presidency; Sunday protection; upcoming events.

Update N° 35 - February 2011
Churches and Hungarian EU Presidency; Danube Strategy; Poverty, Wealth and Ecology; CSC/CEC-CLAI dialogue on globalisation; stock-taking of nuclear disarmament in 2010; fighting poverty in Finland, Sweden and the EU; time to reflect on the ethics of human enhancement; call for support in developing a European syllabus for Protestant religion; how to launch a citizens’ initiative; churches urge the EU to act in the face of Christian persecution; EU accession to European Convention on Human Rights; upcoming events.
Attachment: Child Poverty Statement

Updates on European Affairs - 2010

Update N° 34 - November 2010
Campaign to support the rights of migrants; Meeting with the Belgian EU Presidency; European economy; European Commission Work Programme 2011; Churches and Hungarian EU Presidency; Stocktaking of EU enlargement; EU Strategy for the Implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights; Human Rights in the World; Anti-discrimination in Europe; New Blog on Ethics and Foreign Policy; upcoming events.

Update N° 33 - September 2010
Churches' statement on poverty; Implementation of Article 17; Religious leaders' meeting; Churches' views on NATO's nuclear policy; European economic governance; European Year of Volunteering 2011; Ecumenical Forum of Christian Women Assembly; Prayer at the European Parliament; Migration; upcoming events. 
Attachment: CSC-COMECE proposals for the Implementation of Article 17
Attachment: CSC Briefing on the European Year of Volunteering 2011

Update N° 32 - July 2010
European Council of 17 June; Europe 2020 Strategy; Belgian EU Presidency; Transparency; CSC Strategy on Education; 8th ECEN Assembly; Biodiversity; CEC‐CLAI dialogue on globalisation; EU Charter for Fundamental Rights; new
EU Institute for Gender Equality; Fundamental Rights Agency; Human Rights Education; Report of the first CALL conference; Council of Europe and civil dialogue; staff news; upcoming events.
Attachment: ECEN Assembly Letter
Attachment: CSC Briefing Paper on EUROPE 2020: A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

Update N° 31 - June 2010
First meeting of the new CSC Plenary; Implementation of Article 17; Churches and Human Rights; Freedom of Religion in Cyprus; Church Action on Labour and Life launched; CSC statement on the EU Danube Strategy; uclear disarmament; Current and future priorities of the European Union; Results of the Reflection Group on the long-term future of the Union; 60th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration; NEW WEBSITE for CSC; upcoming events.

Update N° 30 - February- March 2010
Nuclear Disarmament; Human Enhancement – an Issue for a New Debate among the Churches; Freedom of Religion in Cyprus; Churches and Human Rights; Consultation on the EU Danube Strategy; Assessment of the Swedish Churches on the Swedish EU Presidency; Sunday Protection; Combating Forced Labour; Promoting Refugee Resettlement; upcoming events.

Update No 29 - January 2010Church Action for Labour and Life launched in April; Implementation of Article 17; Post-Lisbon Strategy (EU 2020); European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010; Priorities of the Spanish EU Presidency; Results of the December European Council; Latin American and European churches discuss globalisation; CSC wants all young people to have access to learning mobility; Failure in UN Climate Change Conference a reason for more efforts; Strasbourg Human Rights Court increases efficiency; Year of European Churches Responding to Migration 2010; upcoming events.    

Updates on European Affairs - 2009

Update No 28 - December 2009
CSC Europe Secretaries meeting; Treaty of Lisbon and new top jobs; arms trade; nuclear weapons; Swiss CoE Presidency; trafficking of human beings; anti-discrimination; Swiss initiative on minarets; crucifix in Italian schools; upcoming events.
Attachment - CSC Report on the Treaty of Lisbon

Update N° 27 - September-October 2009
Churches and the Swedish EU Presidency; CEC Lyon Assembly and future work of CSC; Treaty of Lisbon; new European Parliament; future European Commission; European integration; EU enlargement; learning mobility; human rights; financial and economic crises; poverty; climate change; refugee resettlement; migration; upcoming events.

Update N° 26 - May 2009
Climate change; Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty; Election of the new President of the European Commission; economic and financial crises; Swedish EU Presidency; Czech EU Presidency; European Elections; European integration and enlargement; education; post-Lisbon Strategy; globalisation; prayer breakfast; resettlement.
Attachment - CSC Briefing on EU Enlargement, July 2009

Update N° 25 - April 2009
CSC Conference on Social Affairs; religious leaders meet the EU leaders; European elections 2009; EU Fundamental Rights Agency; human rights of military staff; Treaty of Lisbon; world free of nuclear weapons; education; Sunday protection; refugee settlement; upcoming events.

Update N° 24 - March 2009
CSC plenary meeting, economic and financial crisis; climate change; Eastern Partnership; European elections 2009; anti-discrimination directive, the Second CoE exchange on religious education; nuclear non-proliferation; KKR visit to Brussels; poverty; Sunday protection; migration; upcoming events.
Attachment - CSC Briefing on 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

Update N° 23 - February 2009
European Elections 2009; climate change; intercultural cities; cultural capitals; social priorities of the Swedish EU Presidency; poverty; Lisbon Treaty; enlargement; migration; upcoming events.
Attachment - CSC Briefing on the Commission Proposal for Post-Kyoto Negotiations
Attachment - CSC Report on the Treaty of Lisbon

Update N° 22 - January 2009
CSC/CEC Year of Celebration; Czech EU Presidency and the Czech churches; European Elections 2009; social affairs; climate change; EU reports on human rights; CoE study on blasphemy, insult and hate speech; Gaza; upcoming events.
Attachment - Contribution of churches on an open civic society on the occasion of the Czech EU Presidency
Attachment - Briefing on climate change policy
Attachment - European Parliament Elections 2009 - Guide for churches and Christian organizations