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Intercultural Dialogue

Islam, Christianity and Europe: CSC contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

The European Union declared the year 2008 “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue”. The initiative aimed at reinforcing social cohesion and civic peace in Europe. It stemed from the acknowledgement that Europeans must learn to live together in the diversity increased by the circulation of people and ideas. The year also sought to give expression and a high profile to best practices and process of intercultural dialogue and to establish a sustainable strategy beyond 2008.



Investing in your Mission: Churches and Socially Responsible Investment

On 6-7 May 2008, a conference was held in Brussels on the theme of “Churches and Socially Responsible Investment”.

The conference sought to explore the link between faith and the churches’ concept of investing money, plus an identification of the needs of church financial leadership to implement Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). This included facilitating an exchange between the financial and spiritual leadership on a European level and sharing promising initiatives within church circles relating to SRI.