EU Financial and Debt CrisisEU Financial and Debt Crisis

The EU financial and debt crisis poses for the Union one of the deepest challenges in its history. It raises a number of questions about the functioning of the individual states, their tax and social systems, as well as about the functioning of the European Union, especially the principles of the Eurozone. For more than two years EU population is facing indecisive actions of the EU political leaders and growing dissatisfaction of society in particular in countries deeply hit by the crisis. At the same time it has been gradually visualising the complexity of the crisis and intertwining elements creating a vicious circle of colossal and steadily growing debts of most of the EU Member States and banks.     

For a growing number of European churches and their ecumenical organisations the crisis poses a challenge which is not possible ignore, neither on the level of the social impacts, nor on the level of raising questions about the functionality of structures allowing the outburst of crisis of such  dimensions.

CEC and in particular the Church and Society Commission raised their concerns. Increasing number of churches in Europe turn their attention to different aspects of the crisis. The following list offers an overview of documents and statements addressing the crisis.



The European Council met on 7- 8 February for the first time in 2013. Available documents and the briefing of European Policy Centre allow summarizing the outcomes of the Council in the following points:   Full Text




CSC Briefing papers

CSC Briefing Paper - European Council Meeting, October 2012 

CSC Briefing paper - June 2012

Briefing paper for the CSC Plenary Meeting - May 2011


CEC-CSC Statements

Public Statement: Solidarity with people in Greece, European social model must not fall prey to the financial crises CEC Central Committee - September 2012

Called to promote ethical principles in financial and economic structures - July 2009
Public Issue Statement

English - French - German



For a Common Future in a United Europe - October 2012
A Statement by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) on Strengthening European Cohesion
German  English

The Ethical Dimension of the EU 2020 Strategy
Church and Society Commission and Eurodiaconia

A common letter of the CSC and Eurodiaconia addressing the President of the European Commission - May 2012

Called to promote ethical principles in financial and economic structures - July 2009
CEC Assembly

of the 13th Assembly of CEC on economic and financial crises

Letter to the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament
Church of Greece

Protecting Europe’s most precious resources at a time of crisis
Eurodiaconia - June 2012
of the Annual General Meeting of Eurodiaconia, calling for policies and actions that enable inclusion, care and empowerment of the vulnerable and excluded in society while ensuring dignity for all in the times of crisis.

Free for the Future – Responsibility for Europe
Statement of the CPCE General Assembly

Florence - 20-26 September 2012

- French - German


Study Documents

Church and Society Commission of CEC
Threats and Challenges of Globalisation
- Churches in Europe and Latin America in dialogue

Churches from two continents sharing their experience with impacts of globalisation

Church of Scotland
A Right Relationship with Money
Report of the Special Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity - April 2012
The report outlining four priorities for government, society and the church that should be at the heart of economic considerations:

  • Reducing inequality
  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Promoting mutuality
  • Ending global poverty

Community of Protestant Churches in Europe
Meeting the Crisis   English - French - German

Federation of protestant churches in Switzerland
Gerechtes Haushalten und faires Spiel . Studie zu den jüngsten Finanabz und Wirtscahfrisen aus der evangelischen Sicht

Position document of the Federation
- 2010 - German

Protestant Church in Germany - EKD
Wie ein Riss in der hohen Mauer - Wort des Rates der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland 
zu der globale Finanzmarkt und Wirtschaftskrise

- English - 2009

Protestant Church in the Netherlands - 2013
Faith and Economics: Perspective on the Economic Crisis
Geloof en economie en het perspectief op de economische crisis
The economic crisis raises questions which strike the foundations of our society and our existence. The National Council of Churches in the Netherlands has a special taskforce which analysed the situation from a biblical perspective. The group also had two expert meetings with economical and political specialists. All the information was complied into a brochure.

Evangelical Church in Westphalia

  • Remodelling the Social Market Economy from an ethical standpoint -
  • Embedding the market economy in a social and cultural context
  • Ensuring the ecological and social sustainability of competition
  • Strengthening the primacy of politics in a global context

Study document of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia contributing to the social in Europe, as well as to the worldwide ecumenical discussion.