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Aging and Care for the Elderly - November 2007
This publication on Ageing has been prepared by the Working Group on Bioethics and Biotechnology of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). CEC is the regional ecumenical organisation which links in fellowship some 125 Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Reformed, Old Catholic and Pentecostal churches, as well as several associated organisations, in all the countries on the European continent. The Church and Society Commission (CSC) enables these churches and organizations to relate to the European institutions...

European Funding for Stem Cell Research - 20 October 2006
The Institutions of the European Union are in the decision-making process about the 7th Framework on Research. In June 2006, the European Parliament took the view that both human embryonic and adult stem cell research should benefit from European funding, provided the research projects respect the legal framework of the Member State(s) involved...

New Issues in Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine (June 2005)

‘Human life in our hands? Churches and Bioethics’ - Results of a consultation organized by the CEC in Strasbourg, 27-29 Nov. 2003

Genetic Testing and Predictive Medicine (report, October 2003)

Xenotransplantation, (report, June 2002)
Genetically Modified Food, (report, January 2002)
A brief presentation of the Working Group on Bioethics (January 2002)

EECCS and Bioethics (position paper, June 1998)
Cloning Animals and Humans (position paper, May 1998)
Medically Assisted Procreation after 20 years (position paper, 1998)
Patenting of Biotechnological Inventions (position paper, March 1998)

Critique of the Draft EC Patenting Directive (position paper, October 1996)
Medically Assisted Procreation and the Protection of the Human Embryo (position paper, 1996)