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Dialogue Seminar
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"Climate change as a challenge for EU policies – the role of ethics, lifestyles, solidarity and global justice"

17 October 2013 - Brussels

The dialogue seminar between representatives of churches and European institutions took place on Thursday, 17 October 2013. The event organised jointly by the Church and Society Commission of CEC, the Commission of the Episcopates of the European Community (COMECE) and the Bureau of European Policy Advisors of European Commission (BEPA) focused in particular on:

  • The role of ethical arguments in the current debate on protection of environment and tackling of climate change in reflecting the outcomes of the latest IPCC report.
  • EU climate policy in the long term perspective: priorities and strategy on the way to global agreement for reducing greenhouse gasses emissions.
  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and finance.  EU’s responsibility in addressing climate change as a question of solidarity and global justice.

The event underlined that climate change is for churches a matter of solidarity and global justice.


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Presentations of the CSC speakers:

The role of ethical arguments in the debate on protection of environment and tackling of climate change, Prof. Dr. Hans Diefenbacher, Protestant Institute for interdisciplinary Research, EKD and University of Heidelberg

Climate (In-) Justice, Ms Janna Schönfeld, APRODEV

Ethical perspectives - Love Peace and Understanding, Rev, Henrik Grape, Church of Sweden

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CEC and CSC Documents on Climate Change

to the Copenhagen Summit: churches call on governments to act – 17 March 2010

CSC Briefing on the Commission Proposal for Post-Kyoto Negotiations – March 2008

Climate Change documents from CEC's constituency

The following are contributions from CEC member churches, associated organisations, theologians etc, on climate change. We make these documents available with the hope of encouraging other contributions thus allowing everyone to benefit from ideas, reflections and positions within the CEC constituency.

Not surprisingly, not all churches agree on all aspects of climate change or how to respond to the challenges of climate change. Where churches disagree with one another we very much hope that this resource will act as catalyst and as a resource to constructive dialogue, with the purpose of enabling the churches to come to a common mind on some of the most pressing issues in the history of humanity.

If you would like to post climate change documents on this page on behalf of one of the members churches please contact the Church and Society Commission.

The Church of England

In May 2008 the UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs issued a consultation document on the proposed EU Emissions Trading System from 2013. The House of Bishops' Europe Panel made a detailed submission to this consultation in July 2008. A copy of the submission can be read here. - July 2008

In addition, the Bishops' Europe Panel joined with other civil society organisations to make a joint and more general submission to this same consultation. This joint submission involved the following organisations: the Church of England, the Royal Society of Birds, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, the Green Alliance and WWF. A copy of this joint submission can be read here.
- June 2008

Climate Change and Human Security – A Challenging Environment of Injustice: A Report by the Mission and Public Affairs Council. This report and its recommendation resourced the debate on climate change at the July 2008 General Synod which authorised the establishment of a church based Adaptation Fund. - June 2008

Submission by the Church of England’s House of Bishops’ Europe Panel to the European Commission’s 2007 Consultation Paper Reforming the Budget, Changing Europe . This submission argues for radical revisions to the EU's budget in favour of financing a low carbon economy. - June 2008

Joint letter by the Archbishop of Sweden, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Head of the EKD Council to the Commission President on the eve of the COP-13, Bali - December 2007.

Towards a Post Kyoto Climate Treaty for Climate Justice: A Mission and Public Affairs Briefing Paper - November 2007

Through the Glass Darkly - Europe and the Politics of Climate Change: A mission and public affairs briefing paper - October 2007

Climate Change – Not Just a Green Issue: a mission and public affairs briefing paper - August 2007

The Church of England has a specific website dedicated to environmental issues and its campaign, Shrinking The Footprint. This website provides useful information and additional resources regarding the work that the church is doing nationally.

The Church of Sweden

Church of Sweden’s Position on Climate Change and Development - Adopted by the Commission for international mission and diakonia 24 April 2008.

The Uppsala Interfaith Climate Manifesto 2008: Faith traditions addressing Global Warming

Evangelische Kirche in Deutchland(EKD)

Kernenergie und Klimaschutz - Hans Diefenbacher

Die CO2-neutrale Synode Ein Projektbericht zur Kompensation der CO2-Emissionen der 6. Tagung der Synode der EKD, 4.-7. November 2007 in Dresden - January 2008

It is not too late to respond to climate change An appeal by the Chair of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Bishop Wolfgang Huber - May 2007

Gefährdetes Klima Studie des Beirats des Beauftragten des Rates der EKD für Umweltfragen - EKD-Text 52, 1995

More materials are available regarding enviromental issues on the EKD Homepage.