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Advancing Freedom of Religion or Belief for All

“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.” 1 Peter 2:16

The Conference of European Churches launched the project of the Summer School on Human Rights devoted to the topic of Freedom of Religion or Belief from 15-18 September in Palermo, Italy. It was hosted by Italian Protestant Federation with academic support by KU Leuven. 

Press Release

Advancing Freedom of Religion or belief for all

Restrictions of freedom of religion or belief are an increasing challenge to the global world and to Europe in particular. The Summer School on Human Rights, hosted by the Italian Protestant Federation on 15-18 September in Palermo, Italy, is an unprecedented response. For the first time, European Churches join forces in order to designate a school on human rights and in particular to freedom of religion or belief.

Summer School on Human Rights

"Theology and Human Rights -
Freedom of Religion or Belief for All"
15 - 18 September 2014, Palermo - Italy

Press Release



Imagine a Europe...

As a service to Member Churches wishing to promote an active, democratic and reponsible participation in European Affairs, the CEC-CSC Working Group on Education produced a set of postcards portraying a vision of Europe as it could be and linking its pre-occupations and concerns directly to the Christian ethos.

The Council of Europe's White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue - see page 22 a chapter on the religious dimension

White Paper

A publication by themes by the Council of Europe - launched on 5 May 2014

Human Rights

Workshop on "Co-existence and acceptance of the other", organised by the European External Action Service and the League of Arab States
2-3 April 2014, Cairo - Egypt

The CSC Executive Secretary for Human Rights presented results of the CSC of CEC Human Rights education programme as one of the tools for peaceful co-existence and acceptance of others.

Useful links
EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief
Arab Charter on Human Rights
CEC-CSC Human Rights Training Manual

Human Rights

Doha Meeting for Advancing Religious Freedom Though Interfaith Collaboration
24-25 March 2014, Doha - Qatar

CSC Human Rights Seceretary Mag. Elizabeta Kitanovic contributed to the Instanbul process 16/18 for Combating Intolerance and Discrimination based on Religion or Belief

The Istanbul process is a series of international conferences seeking to promote the implementation of the steps called for in the landmark UN Human Rights Council resolution 16/18 on Combating Intolerance, Negative Stereotyping and Stigmatisation of and Discrimination, Incitement to violence and violence against persons based on Religion or belief.

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Youth employment in Europe – a challenge for the churches?

... was the subject of a conference of the CSC CALL network in Brussels from 24 to 26 March. 60 persons discussed the options to address youth unemployment, coming from 17 different countries from all over Europe, delegates of churches and church organisations as well as young people.



On the basis of a questionnaire the Working Group on Economic Sustainability analysed the positions of a number of European churches with regard to the social and economic challenges in Europe.The results of this analysis are intended to support the churches in Europe in reflecting their respective positions and finding common responses to the crises. The purpose of the survey is to enable the churches to recognize common ground in spite of the different situations facing each country. They may then want to join forces in order to strengthen their impact.

A survey of the Working Group on Economic Sustainability, CALL-Network

Press Release

Joint Press Release of CSC of CEC, CCME, APRODEV and Eurodiaconia 

European Parliament elections: It’s about Europe, it’s about you!

“The elections to the European Parliament are an opportunity to discuss our vision of the Union as a community which promotes a just, participatory and sustainable world in which each person can live in dignity, fulfil his/her potential and live free from poverty,” was the message of the event taking place on 4th March in the European Parliament and sponsored by four ecumenical partner organisations. 

Press Release
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Archbishop of the Evangelical - Lutheran Church of Finland Kari Mäkinen visits the office of the Church and Society Commission of CEC

On the occasion of the event Europe of values organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland on 3-4 March in Brussels, the delegation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, led by Archbishop Kari Mäkinen, visited the office of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches.

Press Release

Social Cohesion in the EU must be strengthened
On 10 January 2014, three days after the official start of the Greek EU Presidency, the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister with specific responsibility for European Affairs, Dimitris KOURKOULAS, received a delegation of senior Greek and European churchmen in Athens.

The press release is also available in German and French.


The Church and Society Commission (CSC) is one of the commissions of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), which is an ecumenical fellowship of 124 churches and 40 associated organisations from all over Europe. CSC provides a platform for the CEC membership to reflect on socio-ethical issues ecumenically and to involve them in common action and advocacy in relation to the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the United Nations (in European matters). CSC operates as a forum for action, dialogue and ecumenical training in European affairs.

In the Charta Oecumenica of 2001, European churches committed themselves to support the integration of the European continent: “On the basis of our Christian faith, we work towards a humane, socially conscious Europe, in which human rights and the basic values of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance, participation and solidarity prevail”. 

The Annual Report of the Church and Society Commission can be found here.

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YOUNG EUROPEANS - we stand for sustainability and eco-justice!
9 September 2014, 18:30
COMECE, Square de Meeûs 19, 1050 Brussels 


The Church & Society Commission of CEC  - the Secretariat of COMECE - Don Bosco International - Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe - Evangelical Church in Germany, Brussels office - Federation of Protestant Youth in Germany - Rete Juventutis


“Bridges between hope and reality – overcoming imbalances in Europe”

4th Assembly of the CALL-Network
22 - 24 September 2014, Rome (Italy)



10th ECEN Assembly

‘Energy and Climate Change - the Churches' Role and Voice’
27 September - 1 October 2014, Balatonszárszó (Hungary)




For further information please visit our CSC Events section

CEC-CSC Annual Report 2013 out now

CEC and Europe on the Move


“Education for Democratic Citizenship” in the Context of Europe
Material and Resources for Churches and Educators


European churches engaging in human rights
Present challenges and training material

Book & CD

Also available in Serbian

Европске цркве и људска права
Актуелни изазови и материјал за обуку

European Churches engaging in Human Rights - Present Challenges and Training Material

The manual has been translated and published by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Serbia. The Church and Society Commission of CEC is very grateful to KAS for having made this possible.

Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology in Europe: Call for Climate Change

Joint Publication from the Church and Society Commission of CEC and the World Council of Churches

Threats and Challenges of Globalisation
Outcomes of the first round of the dialogue between CSC/CEC and CLAI published jointly with the Latin American Council of Churches – CLAI.

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The Church and Society Commission adopted the "Europe and Family Policy"



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