Social and Economic IssuesSocial and Economic Issues


Economic, Environmental and Social Issues: Examining the relationship between the economic system and environmental and social policies, especially with regard to the specific policies of the European institutions and economies in transition.

For more information on these issues please contact Rev. Frank-Dieter Fischbach.


Common Responsibility for a Just Society

The Council of the Evangelical in Germany (EKD) and the German Bishops' Conference have prepared a discussion paper on a renewed economic and social order. The goal of the text is to inspire broad debate and encourage churches, individuals and social groups to participate in the discussion on our common responsibility for a just society. 

Common Responsibility for a Just Society (PDF)

Gemeinsame Verantwortung für eine gerechte Gesellschaft (PDF) 



Eurodicaconia will organise a training seminar on the European semester and the Europe 2020 strategy in the context of the Europe 2020 midterm review to which CSC will contribute.

Brussels, 25 - 26 September 2014.

The European Commission has launched some weeks ago the mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy and will conclude and present the results at the beginning of next year. It is thus the right time for churches and diaconal organisations to contribute their evaluation, experiences and ideas to the review.

Programme and letter of invitation




Sharing opportunities for churches and diaconia to shape the Europe 2020
strategy and its social objectives

10-11 April 2013



Ms. Veronica Lope Fontagné MEP - © CEC/CSC

Churches and Diaconia call for more civil society influence in the European Semester - 12 April 2013
From the 10th to 11th April, Eurodiaconia and the Church & Society Commission of CEC, held a conference in Brussels on “sharing opportunities for churches and diaconia to shape the Europe 2020 strategy and its social objectives”.



The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty

A report from the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church


Collective complaint to the European Committee of Social Rights

Upon request of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN), the Conference of European Churches (CEC) has submitted on 17 January 2013 a “collective complaint” to the European Committee of Social Rights (called below “the Committee”) of the Council of Europe (CoE), which seat is in Strasbourg.

CEC is one of the organisations authorized to lodge a collective complaint under the Revised Social Charter. The legal expert work has been done by Mr. Pim Fischer, from the Office Fischer Lawyers.

It is also on request of the PKN that CEC did not inform so far about this initiative.

The purpose of the complaint is to request the Committee to hold that the Dutch government has failed to fulfill its obligations under the Revised Social Charter to respect the rights of undocumented adults for food, clothing and shelter.

For further information on this specific issue, please contact our Strasbourg office.


The Church and Society Commission adopted the

"Europe and Family Policy" 

Press release




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The Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) together with the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference has started a social initiative to discuss publicly a renewed relationship between economic and social order in Germany. Of course the document takes European questions into account. All interested people and organisations are invited to contribute.
The document shall be made available in English in the near future:


Today, Wednesday, 5 March, the European Commission published its communication "Taking stock of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth", with which the Commissions launches the process of the mid-term review of... the Europe 2020 strategy. The experience "has been mixed" is the analysis of the Commission. Especially in the area of employment and fight against poverty the problems in Europe have increased in times of crisis. The targets for education and energy consumption seem to be more easy achievable until 2020. Towards the Research & Development target limited progress is observed. The communication also highlights the demand of much more participation of civil society in the implementation process, which was argued by CSC and Eurodiaconia from the beginning. The communication promises a European wide consultation process for the mid-term review. Reflecting the communication it should be not forgotten that the Member States are very much involved in the implementation of this strategy, so that the discussion is about everyone's situation at home.

European Citizen's Initiative

Report by Frank-Dieter Fischbach - English


Conference of European Churches wants lending to be responsible 

The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is urging lenders to act in a responsible way to ensure that debts can be repaid in a reasonable time period during a time when it said the unemployment of you people has become a "scandal".

"In the past, debt was seen as something to be ashamed of but now it has become a way of life for both governments and individuals, exacerbated by the fear of social exclusion," the Governing Board of CEC said in a statement.


Social & Economic issues are also addressed by the CALL Network, click on the CALL logo to find out more.


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