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The European Union, Religious Freedom and European Churches - Mag. Elizabeta Kitanovic

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From the Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark - 31 august 2011

"The Conference of European Churches (CEC) rejoices over the decree published in Turkey on Saturday, according to which all confiscated immovable property is to be returned to the foundations of religious minority communities"

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Dialogue seminar on Roma inclusion - 27 June 2011

Deutschlandfunk - Tag für Tag, Germany
Interview with Rüdiger Noll (in German)






"Alliance fights for work-free Sunday in the EU" - 20 June 2011 

Article in the "Reformatorisch Dagblad" - Read the article in Dutch


"European institutions "more open than ever" to church co-operation" - 30 May 2011

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"European Churches debate response to anti-Christian violence" - 8 April 2011

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